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Starring Paul McGann - The May Monthly Meeting | Tuesday 26th April 2016

Whether you were in North America and saw it on the 12th (or 14th), grabbing it on VHS video tape in the UK or watching it on prime time on BBC 1 over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend "the one with the Pertwee logo" was a big deal. Those of us who had been holding our breaths since 1989 for the return of the series know exactly where we were when we saw Sylvester McCoy gunned down in a San Francisco alleyway and ultimately turn into Paul McGann following some botched heart surgery. 
Believe it or not, the 1996 TV movie still stands as an entertaining 90 minutes of fun drama and remains an important bridging point between what was and what was yet to come in 2005.
Let's celebrate twenty years of Paul McGann as the Doctor!
See you in the upstairs meeting room at the Caledonia from 1pm on 7 May
Subs, as always, are a quid!

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Starring Paul McGann - The May Monthly Meeting - Tuesday 26th April 2016
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